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Land excavation in Bastrop - can alter your property or landscape in any number of ways, and with our extended expertise, we can excavate, clear or develop your land to meet your needs, all with our Satisfaction Guarantee! With more than a decade of experience, we have proudly served clients all over Bastrop, TX with their land excavation needs.

Here are a few reasons why we are your #1 choice for building demolition and house demolition in Bastrop, TX and the surrounding areas:

CUSTOMER SERVICE - Customers deal directly with the owner of South Texas Best Excavation company, because our goal is 100% customer satisfaction with their finished project, no matter the size.

AFFORDABLE - We are committed to delivering quality and cost-effective excavation services. Call today for a quote at competitive prices and compare us for yourself.


Land Excavation in Bastrop

We are an expert in residential, commercial, and industrial excavation, for Bastrop, TX. We provide honest and professional excavating contractors and hauling services, so you can be assured that the job will be done right the first time. We are also fully licensed, insured and bonded. Since we are located in the Bastrop area, we have a more thorough understanding of regional ordinances and are available on shorter notice. We truly care about properly dismantling your property and ensuring we meet your needs, as contractors and members of your community.

From drainage ditches to extensive full systems, house pad preparation to storm cellars, culverts to retaining walls, there’s nothing we can’t do! As the #1 land improvement company near me, we specialize in all of your excavation needs. No job is too small, no project is too big. Let us show you the art of the dig, today! Get in touch with us! Our team can help evaluate, plan, and complete projects whether you’re building a new home, installing utility lines, or preparing a site for a new foundation.

What is Land Excavation?

Our best-in-class excavating company will provide the tools, machinery, and hard work to start and finish your excavation project. When you consider the term “excavation,” it includes a variety of services provided by the team at R&M Land Clearing, Demolition, and Land Excavation in Bastrop. Whether you need a new lawn or a pond, a road graded, or a construction site pad, our team is prepared to get started grading, digging, or moving dirt.

We offer you an affordable, professional service that will get much of the hard work done for you. When you want the best land excavation in Bastrop, get started today by contacting us. No matter the size of your project, our team of specialists are ready to work some dirt. Read our reviews on Google!

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